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                    Guide Series
                       Ball bearing drawer slide
                    Hinge Series
                       Hinge Series
                    Excellent room door lock

                        Lend Lease metal great care so that the pursuit of the perfect products to meet every standard of the arts ... ...

                    • Item No:2704
                    • Name
                    • Detail:

                      (1)Range to apply:office desk drawer,storage chest,cabinct
                      (2)Features:swift separation structure,partly pull out,retarding device keeps the drawer from sliding out of control
                      (3)Loading:35 pounds(15kg)/group,(18"slide)
                      (4)Surface treatment:blue zinc,colorful zinc,black electricity coat
                      (5)Material:High tension cold-rolled plate
                      (6)Length:10" ~ 22 "(250mm ~ 550mm)
                      (7)Extra choice:The pulling strength can be increased by 1" ~ 2"

                      (8)thickness range

                       NO. 材料厚度 
                       1  0.9mm
                       2  0.9mm


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